Case studies

Advanced web scraping

We automated time consuming process of gathering lots of publicly available data. With our custom scraping software, the company can count on timely and accurate data.

Complex forms web application

We created a robust web application with the use of Django and Bootstrap. The application runs on an on-premise server to ensure full control over all security aspects.

Google cloud development

Our client had multiple software systems, running on many on-premise servers, resulting in poor performance, increasing costs and security risks.
We helped the company move most of the core infrastructure to the Google cloud which dramatically increased performance and decreased cost.

Database migration and editor

We migrated database to Google Cloud and created custom frontend solution in form of Google sheets apps script. 

Full e-commerce solution

From creating e-commerce website with custom product builder, to helping the client with internal software usage. With our solution, the client was able to start a profitable online business and made hundreds of customers happy.

Blockchain analysis software

Internal software, currently in development.

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